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Hamptons College Student Smashing Old Women in Hamptons in For Money Makes $100K

A Hamptons college student smashing old women in Hamptons for money made $100K. According to allegations the college student was smashing rich older women in Hamptons for $5K each session, and amassed $100,000 in little time. The weirdest part about this story is the rich old women didn’t ask him to get tested for STDs, they asked him to test negative for COVID-19.

Once his negative COVID test was confirmed the college student smashed all the old Hamptons women who were in desperate need of some loving. Here is the full story of how it all went down.

For this college student school being closed due to COVID became the most lucrative thing to ever happen in his life. He never would of imagine making $100K from April – August if he was going to class everyday. His mom was probably beyond shocked to find out her college student son was smashing rich older ladies in Hamptons for money.

The most embarrassing part of this story is that college student has to return the money to each old lady in the Hamptons he smashed. Hopefully he enjoyed the experience, because he didn’t make anything from it in the end.

Author: JordanThrilla

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