Safaree released a WAP Remix called “B.A.D”, and social media is buzzing. People reacted to Safaree’s WAP Remix called “B.A.D” dissing Nicki Minaj with emotions showing general annoyance. Safaree seems to know exactly how to steal shine from a popular moment, and he did it again with his WAP Remix “BAD”.

Take a listen to Safaree’s WAP remix taking shots at Nicki Minaj.

Essentially Safaree made the male version of WAP. He basically the flipped the script on what Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B where talking about. However, since he’s talking about his endowment this seems to be Safaree’s way of dissing Nicki Minaj.

Who knows maybe the Safaree WAP remix will be a hit, but based on the reactions so far most that doesn’t seem to be the case

Author: JordanThrilla