How fast is the NASA Object hurtling towards Earth going, and what is it? The entire world is asking these questions after news broke that this mysterious object will come near earth December 1. Should earthlings be worried?

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We will dive into the alleged facts NASA has released about this objecting tumbling towards Earth.

According to NASA Reports the object is moving towards earth at a rate of 35,000 mph, which is around 184 million feet per hour. At this rate NASA believes the object will come within about 33,000 miles of Earth’s atmosphere. When you consider how fast the object is going that is small margin of space, meaning a slight change in its path could make it collide with earth.

The scariest part about this situation is NASA reportedly has no idea what the object is. They do know this unidentified flying object is almost 30 feet wide. They apparently don’t know if this object is a massive UFO. It was allegedly discovered back in September by Pan-STARRS surveying system based in Hawaii.

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Is Earth finally about to make direct contact Aliens? We will find out for sure in the coming weeks why this object was coming towards earth, but it might just be a random anomaly or “space junk”.

This could be the real life version of the “Independence Day” Movie happening right before our eyes.

Author: JordanThrilla

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