Did FWC Lil Head kill Bandgang Paid Will? FWC Lil Head appeared on Instagram Live with a gun right after Bandgang Paid Will’s death, which has people asking the aforementioned question. It wasn’t just the gun, but the also the things that were said during the IG Live session that is sparking Conspiracy Theories.

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As FWC Lil Head reacted to Bandgang Paid Will dying he says “Randy moss a** n*****“. It seems Lil Head was insinuating Bandgang Will caught bullets like Randy Moss. Later on in the video Lil Head says “F*** the opps“.

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The moment which stood out most was when FWC Lil Head’s friend DB appears to mention “hush money” in a joking manner. However, the audio isn’t very clear so it’s possible he said something different.


It’s well known that FWC had major beef with Bandgang, but does this video mean that FWC Lil Head killed Bandgang Will? If his friend DB really did joke about “hush money”, it’s understandable why people are jumping to that conclusion. However, it could just all be clout chasing.

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No one really knows for sure, but FWC Lil Head is definitely making himself look guilty. It seems like the Trapboy Freddy situation all over again.

Author: JordanThrilla

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