The Opps are already speaking out about Bandgang Paid Will. In particular, Lil Head’s reaction to Bandgang Paid Will’s death is sending waves through the hiphop community. In a viral video the FWC Big Key affiliate Lil Head mocked Bandgang Paid Will’s death on Instagram Live in the most disrespectful way.

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In the footage Lil Head is holding a semi-automatic rifle, and says “Randy moss a** n*****“. It seems Lil Head was making fun of Bandgang Paid Will getting shot and killed, by insinuating he was catching bullets like Randy Moss. Later on in the video Lil Head says “F*** the opps“, and Bandgang Paid Will was his main opp recently.

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It almost seemed like Lil Head was celebrating Bandgang Paid Will’s death.

Some of the people watching the IG Live weren’t too happy with Lil Head’s reaction to Bandgang Paid Will dying. You could hear Lil Head threatening to block the people that were dissing him for disrespecting Bandgang Paid Will.

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Even in death there is no love lost between Bandgang Paid Will and Lil Head.

Author: JordanThrilla

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