Is Joe Biden sick? Joe Biden coughing uncontrollably during his Electoral College Affirmation speech is sparking conspiracy theories about the state of his health.

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During the speech Joe Biden clears his throat continuously, and even loses his voice at one point. It almost seemed like Joe Biden was already warn out and sick before even entering the rough world of actually being president.

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Is Joe Biden coughing during his speech a cause for alarm? Take a look.

Joe Biden’s health has always been at the center of attention during his battle to become President. Some people believe he won’t be able to handle 4 years of the continuous stress leading a nation can cause. Since winning the election he has already had some health obstacles such as breaking his foot.

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Does this make Joe Biden coughing during his speech worrying? It would be tough to say it isn’t, because he really didn’t sound well. Maybe he just has a cold though.

Author: JordanThrilla

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