Is Pilot Jorge Arteaga's Clear UFO Footage Really a Mylar Balloon? Theories Trend After Viral Video

If you are interested in UFOs and extraterrestrial life, you may have seen the viral video that has been circulating online recently. The video, recorded by a Colombian pilot named Jorge Arteaga, shows a large silver disc-shaped object flying past his airplane at high speed, seemingly defying the laws of physics.

Is Pilot Jorge Arteaga’s Clear UFO Video Real, or a Mylar Balloon?

The video was uploaded by Arteaga on social media on April 12th, 2023, and has since been viewed by millions of people around the world. Arteaga allegedly claims that he witnessed the UFO while flying over Antioquia, Colombia. He was able to capture the stunning footage of the UFO zooming past his aircraft, and it wasn’t blurry this time. People are calling it the “best UFO footage ever”. The video has sparked a lot of debate and speculation among UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike.

Some have praised Arteaga for his courage and professionalism in documenting the event, while others have questioned the authenticity and quality of the video. Some have suggested that the UFO could be a secret military project, a hoax, or even a glitch in the camera. Some have also compared the UFO to the alien creature from the movie NOPE, which was released in 2022 and featured a similar silver disc-shaped entity. Another popular theory is that what we are seeing in the video is actually a Mylar Balloon, but because the plane is going so fast it also appears to moving faster than it is.

Is Pilot Jorge Arteaga's Clear UFO Footage Really a Mylar Balloon? Theories Trend After Viral Video
UFO or Mylar Balloon?
Is Pilot Jorge Arteaga's Clear UFO Footage Really a Mylar Balloon? Theories Trend After Viral Video

What is a Mylar Balloon?

A Mylar balloon is a type of balloon that is made of a thin, flexible material called Mylar. Mylar is a trademark name for a polyester film that has a metallic coating on one or both sides. The metallic coating reflects light and gives the balloon a shiny appearance. They are often filled with helium, a lighter-than-air gas that makes them float in the air. They are popular for decorations, celebrations, and gifts because they come in various shapes, colors, and designs. They can also last longer than latex balloons, which are made of rubber and tend to lose air over time.

Mylar Balloons

Arteaga’s video is certainly one of the most impressive and intriguing UFO sightings ever recorded. It raises many questions about the nature and origin of the object, and its possible implications for our understanding of reality and our place in the universe. Whether you believe it or not, you have to admit that it is a remarkable piece of evidence that deserves further attention and scrutiny.

The confirmation that Aliens are real could actually be the beginning of bringing about world peace on Earth, because all of humanity would have a common enemy or threat.

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