For many days people have wondered what King Von sister’s reaction to King Von’s autopsy photo would be. That question was answered when King Von’s sister revealed who allegedly leaked King Von’s autopsy photo in an emotional message on Instagram. King Von’s sister claims a man named Freddyie Curry leaked King Von’s autopsy photo. This person appears to be originally from Singapore.

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In her message King Von’s sister called for Freddyie Curry to be fired from his job as a Funeral Director Apprentice at the Airport Mortuary in Georgia. She claim his job is protecting him, possibly by hiding that he leaked King Von’s autopsy photo.

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Take a look at King Von’s sister reacting to the King Von autopsy photo, and the person she claims who did it.

Is this really the man who leaked King Von’s autopsy photos? In her full statement King Von’s sister said, “This sick mfer that posted my brother autopsy picture, he works at the airport mortuary. His whole job know he did the s***, but they trying to protect him! We need him FIRED NOW“. You can feel the pain she is going through just by reading those words.

According to reports, Freddyie Curry has since denied leaking King Von’s autopsy photo. However, King Von’s sister hasn’t redacted her statement, which could mean she still believes he did it.

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At the moment from the outside looking in it, might be best not to jump to conclusions until a thorough investigation is done.

RIP King Von, and pray for his family through this tough time.

Author: JordanThrilla

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