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Is Tyler Herro Celebrity Status Causing Him To Struggle in NBA Games? New Report Alleges Heat Are Frustrated About Tyler Herro Celebrity Status

This season Tyler Herro has been mostly subpar in comparison to his rookie campaign, and as of late it got even worse. In his last 4 games he has only scored over 10 points one time. A recent report alleges the Miami Heat are frustrated about Tyler Herro’s celebrity status in Miami, and they think it has impacted his game.

‘Inside the Paint’ Podcast Reveals Heat Concerns About Tyler Herro Celebrity Status

On a recent episode of “Inside the Paint” podcast it was revealed that some Miami Heat players are possibly jealous that Tyler Herro is acting like a superstar, before actually becoming a superstar on the basketball court. They then revealed the Heat franchise has allegedly been frustrated for months about Tyler Herro celebrity status impacting his game negatively.

Tyler Herro’s allleged over confidence likely began to flood his mind after his historical playoffs run at the NBA Bubble. We all remember how the basketball world stopped when he did that infamous scowl. His performance in the playoffs was one of the best things to happen for Heat as team, but it might have been the worst thing to happen for Tyler Herro individually, because he has gone downhill from there.

Is Tyler Herro’s celebrity status really causing his struggles? It really can’t be confirmed, but it seems like the most likely cause. It’s probably not easy for a young player with nothing but yes men off the court to play up to his abilities when he’s already been “crowned”. Perhaps Jimmy Butler needs to start treating him like Andrew Wiggins.

If Heat are worried about Tyler Herro’s celebrity status they need to fix situation soon, because they are really going to need him playing like last year when the playoffs begin, especially if they have to participate in a play in series.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff