Jemele Hill is never shy about voicing her political views or taking shots at black men. In a viral tweet Jemele Hill dissed Black Men’s political energy. Jemele Hill wrote “Is it just me or is there REALLY different political energy between black women and black men?”.

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While she didn’t go into details about what she meant, her comment comes a day after Ice Cube announced he was working with Donald Trump.

Jemele Hill has been accused of hating on black men many times by people on social media, and her most recent comments only fueled that sentiment.

It would help if Jemele Hill had explained the political energy she feels black men bring, as opposed to black women. There are black women like Candace Owens lurking out there, who bring more negative political energy than most well known black men.

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Whatever the case may be, on the surface it looks like Jemele Hill dissed Black men’s political energy with a vague statement.

Author: JordanThrilla

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