Joe Biden Administration Exposed for Potentially Aiding Israel In Attacking Palestine

A recent revelation exposed the possibility of Joe Biden’s administration aiding Israel in attacking Palestine. According to recent report the Joe Biden administration approved the sale of $735 Million in precision guided weapons to Israel. Despite the recent war between Palestine and Israel, Joe Biden’s administration is still still expected to go through with the deal. Now people are saying the lives of Palestinians killed by Israel are on the hands of Joe Biden.

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The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been becoming increasingly deadly over the past few days. Just yesterday Hamas threatened to use CH89 rockets in what they called a response to “brutal Zionist aggression”. Abu Obaida said CH89 Rockets have never been used before by the Hamas, which shows how desperate Palestine is becoming to protect from destruction Israel has caused on the Gaza strip. It’s surprising that despite these recent developments Biden’s Administration is stead fast are putting more weapons in that area.

Hamas Threatens to use CH89 Rockets in Next Five Minutes on Occupied Territories

A Gaza journalist captured close up footage of the damage Israel airstrikes are causing in Palestine, in places where many innocent people still live. That could one day be weapons delivered from the United States doing this damage.

Hamas Threatens to use CH89 Rockets in Next Five Minutes on Occupied Territories

Israel has been accused by many of what some people are calling “ethnic cleansing” by attacking Palestine. They feel Israel is using nationalist ideologies to bring about peace by using brutal tactics. Some people believe Muslims and Palestinian Christians are the victims of oppression from Jews in Israel.

Is it right to consider Joe Biden’s administration an enabler of Palestinian oppression by selling Israel weapons? Or is this Biden’s way of saying the conflict between them is not the business of the United states?

The UN has warned Israel that their actions against Palestine could lead to a full fledged war, because Palestinian militants are retaliating by firing hundreds of Rockets into Israel. One thing that’s for sure is that Joe Biden’s administration selling Israel precision-guided weapons will only make things worse.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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