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Kamala Harris Possibly Disses Drake: Kamala Harris says 2Pac is the Best Rapper Alive and Other Rappers Need to Stay in their Lane

Kamala Harris possibly dissed Drake, during a viral live interview. When asked who the best rapper alive was, Kamala Harris said 2Pac. After making the bold statement, she added to the luster by saying other rappers that are alive need to stay in the lane.

Given that Drake is the most popular rapper alive, there is a possibility that Kamala Harris is dissing Drake. It may not even be in a disrespectful way either, it could just be a generational gap thing.

After Kamala Harris said Tupac is the best rapper alive, she corrected herself saying “Not alive, I keep doing that”. When she tried thinking of another rapper she says “there’s some I would not mention right now, because they should stay in their lane.” Those are direct shots at some rapper, the question is who?

Is Kamala Harris dissing Drake? Or could she be taking shots at Kanye West, who is technically running against her?

One thing that we know for sure is that Kamala Harris is a 2Pac fan. Who knows, maybe Joe Biden is too.

Author: JordanThrilla

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