Kamala Harris sounds like Marge Simpson and people are just starting to realize it. When people first noticed Kamala Harris sounds like Marge Simpson today, it instantly started trending on social media. It was a comment from Donald Trump’s lawyer comparing Kamala Harris to Marge Simpson that allegedly put the idea in people’s mind.

Everyone from celebrities to random people posted reactions Twitter to the idea that Kamala Harris sounds like Marge Simpson.

The reactions where mixed with some people thinking it was a cool for Kamal Harris to be likened to Marge Simpson, and other people who where defending Marge Simpson’s honor. There where also some people who thought it was offensive to call Kamala Harris Marge Simpson.

All in all, this was just another strange incident in one of the weirdest elections ever. Kamala Harris hasn’t responded to the Marge Simpson comparison.

Author: JordanThrilla