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Kenyan Officials Say newly Homosexual Lions Learned to be Gay From Copying Gay Tourists From America

Kenya Says newly Homosexual Lions Learned to be Gay Lions From Copying Gay Tourists From America.

Kenyan officials announced they have new problem of Lions turning gay. They believe the Gay Lions learned their new activities from watching gay American tourists.

Can the sexual activities of human beings really influence a lion? These are questions many people are asking, whom believe Kenyan officials are losing their minds. While homosexuality does occur in nature outside of humans such as among Dolphins, it is extremely rare and almost never seen among Lions.

As Kenyan officials scramble for answers, at the moment they are standing firm on their beliefs of the issues according to reports. A lot of people allude to there being a "Gay Agenda" going on in society today, but even those people would of never thought it could influence Lions. Story is still developing.

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