Kyle Kuzma dissed Kanye West for running president in a viral tweet. His message was simple, Kyle Kuzma said the election is one of the most important so don’t vote for people as joke. In essence Kyle Kuzma is calling Kanye West a complete joke. Take a look at his controversial tweet below.

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Kyle Kuzma has never been outspoken on politics, so you know he must be strongly against Kanye West running for president. Presumably the theory is that Kanye West will end up taking votes away from Joe Biden, which would actually help Donald Trump win the presidency. The chances of Kanye West winning the election is close to none given how late he entered the ballot, some states won’t even allow him to be on the ballot due to voting laws.

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Most people would of guessed Kyle Kuzma was fan of Kanye West given that they both have love for dying their hair blonde. However, with Kyle Kuzma dissing Kanye West it appears people may have been mistaken.

Author: JordanThrilla

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