Lil Yachty looking like an auntie on Sunday on TikTok is viral. In the Tik Tok video Lil Yachty shows off his freshly permed bangs while bopping to a beat. Lil Yachty literally turned into someone someone’s Auntie on Sunday.

Take look at the viral footage. Many people are saying Lil Yachty’s Auntie bangs stole the show.

Lil Yachty continues his trend of mimicking women on social media or in his music for comedic purposes. Not too long ago he went viral for pretending to be Oprah. It appears that was just beginning of a new stage in his career.

Now Lil Yachty pretending be an Auntie on Sunday. Who knows who Lil Yachty will be a few months from now. If TikTok gets banned from the US, Lil Yachty as an Auntie on Sunday might be some people’s last memory of the app.

Author: JordanThrilla