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TJ Warren Dropped 53 Points on Sixers to Get Revenge On Jimmy Butler with Proof

TJ Warren dropped 53 points on Sixers to get revenge on Jimmy Butler, and we have proof. If you remember, last season Jimmy Butler called TJ Warren “Trash”. Now TJ Warren is on a mission to destroy any team that Jimmy Butler played for.

Tonight that team was the Sixers and TJ Warren scored 53 point EASILY on them. Take a look at the highlights below, and our evidence that this was revenge on Jimmy Butler.

If you think where reaching about TJ Warren scoring 53 points to diss Jimmy Butler, this next fact will make you think otherwise. Jimmy Butler’s career high is also 53 points. Jimmy Butler also scored his career high 53 points against the Sixers just like TJ Warren.

Today TJ Warren scored a career high 53 points, against the same team Jimmy Butler scored a career high 53 points against. In essence TJ Warren scored 53 and took Jimmy Butler soul. The Heat are next on TJ Warren’s list.

Author: JordanThrilla

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