It is a popular belief that a nice car will automatically attract women, but for one man he learned the hard way that isn’t always the case. A man in a Rolls Royce was ignored by females when trying to pick them up in a viral video.

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The man allegedly rented the Rolls Royce for $1,600 a day, thinking it would get him laid within that time frame. It ended up being a colossal waste of money, and an embarrassing social media moment as the women walked right past him like he didn’t exist.

The average price of a Rolls-Royce is around $350K. That expensive price tag still couldn’t get this guy noticed by the women he was pursuing, which had to be a major blow to his ego.

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The experience of seeing a man in Rolls-Royce getting ignored by women might give you a brand new perspective on life. Sometimes it’s going to take more than appearing “rich” to score a date.

All the broke men who still get women are somewhere laughing.

Author: JordanThrilla

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