Home News Man Infected with Bubonic Plague in Mongolia China Reported

Man Infected with Bubonic Plague in Mongolia China Reported

A man is allegedly infected with Bubonic Plague in Mongolia China. According to multiple reports, the Bayannaoer health commission sent out a third level warning after authorities were notify someone with bubonic plague was at a hospital in Mongolia. The BHC is like the Chinese version of WHO. Authorities in Mongolia are reportedly taking immediate action to make sure it doesn’t spread.

The Bubonic plague was one of the most deadly diseases ever to wreak havoc on mankind. However, although it is extremely deadly you can survive it if you get treatment early. Even with in mind, if a bubonic plague pandemic started it would probably be a thousand times worst than the current coronavirus pandemic.

Hopefully China can get things under control and keep this as an isolated case, if the bubonic plague in Mongolia is really happening.

Author: JordanThrilla

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