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Navy Captain and Wife Livestream Racist Rant about Black Lives Matter and Chinese People on Facebook

A retired Navy Captain and his Wife mistakenly Livestreamed a Racist Rant about Black Lives Matter, Black people, and Chinese People on Facebook Live. The couple where streaming from Atlantic Beach Florida when Navy Captain Scott Bethmann used racial slurs while complaining about his office sending an email about supporting black employees because of the BLM movement.

Him and his wife then unleashed a fury of racial slurs as they accidentally streamed to hundreds of Facebook Live watchers.

The Navy Captain was streaming for around 30 minutes before he realized people where still watching and listening.

Scott Bethmann has already apologized for his comments, but the damage has already been done to his career. Reports say the Navy Captain and his family have been banned from his Atlantic Beach Country Club.

The Navy Captain also deleted his Facebook account, and It still gets even worse.

Chief of Naval Operations Mike Gilday released a statement condemning Scott Bethmann, and saying the Navy has a zero tolerance policy on racism. It’s no surprise that Scott Bethmann has also resigned from his Naval Academy alumni board position in Jacksonville.

This was another episode of when keeping it social media goes wrong.

Author: JordanThrilla

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