NBA 2k21 Coke Sniffing Glitch Shows Miami Heat Players Sniffing Cocaine off Announcer Table Before Game

Remember that gif where the person flies across the table trying to sniff a white substance? Apparently 2K developers unintentionally included that in their latest basketball game. A new video shows an NBA 2K21 sniffing coke glitch where Miami Heat players appear to sniff a line of cocaine off the announcers table before a game.

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At first glance you could say it’s a reach, but you can even see the players wipe their nose after. Plus there is literally a white powder on the announcer tables. Take a look at the video evidence of the NBA 2k21 cocaine sniffing glitch.

The real question here should be is this really a glitch or did 2K developers want to troll Miami fans? We all know people in Miami area are accused of being cocaine addicts all the time. Coincidence or glitch?

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Whatever the case may be the NBA 2K coke sniffing glitch might be the weirdest one ever seen. Remember staying drug free is always the best way to be.

Author: JordanThrilla

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