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Racist or Not? Georgetown Law Professor Sandra Sellers Goes on Zoom Rant about Black Students

Zoom has just possibly caught another racist person in 4K, but this time there is debate around whether what was said. Potentially racist Georgetown Law Professor Sandra Sellers went on a rant about her black students finishing at the bottom of her class every semester.

In the footage Sandra Sellers explained that she has an “Angst” every semester about her claim that her black students perform the worst in her class. She also said she “hates to say it”, before saying her racist comment. Her colleague David Batson nodded in agreement, which was equally bad.

Press the unmute button on the bottom right of the video if you hear no sound.

Is Sandra Sellers racist?

The debate over Sandra Sellers being racist begins with the definition of “Angst”. This word “Angst” means to worry or have frustration about a certain issue. Also she also said there are some good black students in her class. Perhaps Sandra Sellers is frustrated about her allegation of black students consistently performing poorly in her class, because she knows they have ability to be at the top of her class. That could be the reason she said it “drives her crazy”.

With all that said, Sandra Sellers could definitely be racist, and she was just trying to disparage her black students when she thought no one would hear her words. What she said could be taken as her insinuating that she expects her black students to be at that bottom of her class based on stereotypes racists have.

At the end of the day there is one thing people on both sides of the debate can agree on, Sandra Sellers shouldn’t have said what she did, because it now alienates any black people who will ever be in her class. Sadly there is a higher chance that this Georgetown Law Professor is very racist, but there is a slight chance she just really wants all her students to perform well no matter their race.

Author: JordanThrilla

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