NBA players are ordering massage therapists in disguise for pleasure at Orlando Bubble, according to a new report. During an episode of The Athletic’s “Point of Contention” show, a writer alluded that NBA players have hot massage therapists coming to their room under the guise as medical necessity.

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NBA players aren’t allowed to bring family members or friends, but they are allowed to have a massage therapist or trainer visit them at the NBA Campus. This makes NBA players having hot women at the Orlando Bubble disguised as massage therapists even more believable. Also, don’t forget an IG Model claimed an NBA player tried to sneak her in.

A large number of NBA players had negative reactions upon arrival at the Disney campus, but then they started to make the best of things. It seems they also may have found a workaround with bringing women, because NBA players ordering massage therapists for pleasure at Orlando Bubble could be happening.

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Many people where wondering how the single NBA players would get by in the Orlando Bubble with no women around, that question may have now been answered. Still yet, it’s only a rumor that NBA players have hot women disguised as massage therapists for pleasure at Orlando Bubble.

Author: JordanThrilla

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