A woman exposed an NBA player sneaking her into Orlando Bubble breaking coronavirus protocol. In the viral tweet a woman named “Ugly Anna” said, “I already got invited to the bubble. Yea the season definitely ending early”. The NBA player who tried sneaking the woman into Orlando Bubble was not named.

This is a huge deal because it means an NBA player was planning to break the most important rule of the NBA Campus Orlando Bubble. No outsiders are supposed to be allowed at the Orlando Bubble at the moment. NBA players were told to not even allow immediate family members to come.

Everyone knew there would be drama at the NBA Bubble, but they never expected to drama to start outside of it. Now that this “Ugly Anna” Woman exposed an NBA player trying to sneak her into the Orlando Bubble, you know the NBA is going to watching everyone closely. “Ugly Anna” is about to win the clout awards with this one. Hopefully it wasn’t JR Smith.

Author: JordanThrilla