Will Smith outsmarted Jada Pinkett out of Alimony payments during Red Table Talk in a new conspiracy theory. Will Smith got Jada Pinkett to admit she cheated on camera in front of the world. IF you notice, Will Smith never actually says he cheated, but only vaguely implies he did. There may have been a reason to that, hence the Red Table Talk Conspiracy Theory.

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What we saw as a legendary moment in Hollywood history, may have actually been a calculated business decision on Will Smith’s part. A decision that solidifies his wealth from being possibly taken in a divorce settlement with alimony payments.


The Red Table Talk conspiracy theory says when Will Smith got Jada Pinkett to admit she cheated on camera, it probably lost her any chance a getting alimony from Will Smith in a divorce. You can tell from the video that there is still a lot of bad tension between the two despite their amicable demeanor.

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This is only a conspiracy theory about Will and Jada’s Red Table Talk, and we could just be looking into things too closely. Many people will interpret the Red Table talk different ways.

Most likely it really was just an open moment with no underlying intentions. However, it’s definitely possible the Will Smith outsmarted Jada Pinkett into admitting she cheated to weaken any future case for alimony payments as the Red Table Talk conspiracy theory goes.

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Author: JordanThrilla

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