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NFL Player Channing Crowder Exposes Married NFL Players Cheating on Their Wives On Road Trips During NFL Season

It’s a well known fact that sports athletes get a lot of groupies, but it’s one of those taboo topics that usually isn’t discussed on Live TV. That changed when Former NFL player Channing Crowder exposed married NFL players cheating on their wives on road trips during the NFL season. He got so candid that other NFL players in the room begged for the footage to be cut in a jokingly serious manner.

As the retired NFL player Channing Crowder snitched on married NFL players possibly cheating on their wife, the expressions on the faces of players in the room were priceless.

As you can see the more Channing Crowder talked about married NFL players cheating, the more shocked the married NFL players in the room started to look. They all had “what are you doing” face as they looked at him speaking. Chad Johnson tried to act clueless, as if he had no idea what Channing Crowder was talking about.

They should have known Channing Crowder would have zero chill during the footage. Back in the day Channing Crowder had a radio show where he would comfortably say some of the wildest things on air.

No one will ever forget the day Channing Crowder a former NFL Player snitched on married NFL Players cheating on their significant others during road trips. Now the cat is out the bag, and may have possibly caused some turmoil around the league.

Cheating is always wrong, so perhaps Channing Crowder is actually trying to help people.

Author: JordanThrilla