The Xbox Series X is out, and it’s going viral for a smoking reason. People are vaping Xbox Series X to get high, after discovering the smoking potential of its design. This has videos of smoking Xbox Series X’s going viral across the world.

One video in particular demonstrates the steps needed to vape a Xbox Series X producing an enormous cloud of smoke.

Throughout history human beings have found many things to smoke, but no one could have guessed smoking an Xbox Series X would be on the list. Only in a year like 2020 would you see people getting high off Xbox Series X by vaping it.

It should be noted that Microsoft has since sent out warnings urging people not to vape their consoles.

Even if you own an X Box Series X it’s still best to stay drug free. Plus you don’t know what kind of chemicals the Xbox Series X could be releasing into your lungs if you inhale fumes from it.

Author: JordanThrilla