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People React to Migos Takeoff Getting Sued for Rape As New Details Emerge about the Takeoff Rape Case

People reacted to Migos Takeoff getting sued for rape as new details emerged about the Takeoff rape case. When news broke that a woman accused Takeoff of battery, emotional distress, assault, and rape, the hip hop community was sent into a frenzy. Takeoff seemed like the quiet laidback person in the Migos crew so no one ever expected to hear his name in a rape case.

Take a look at the twitter reactions to Woman suing Takeoff for rape.


According to police reports Takeoff raped the woman at a party in June, and hospital evidence was given to the LAPD. Reports also state the victim immediately went to the hospital after Takeoff allegedly raped her. It’s not clear why the LAPD didn’t act on the evidence or investigate Takeoff at the time they received evidence of rape taking place.

All in all, this is about the worst type of situation Takeoff could be caught up in right now.

Author: JordanThrilla

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