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Video of Bride Posing for Wedding Picture as Beirut Explosion Happened in Lebanon Is Scary

A video of a bride posing for a wedding picture as the Beirut explosion happened in Lebanon is very scary. In what seemed like a beautiful moment the unknowing bride smiled as her wedding pictures where taken right where the Beirut blast was getting ready to happen. No one ever would of expected what happened next.

Out of the nowhere the Beirut port explosion happens, and you can see the bride pushed off camera by the force of the explosion. With shattered glass everywhere and smoke filling the air you can see people running for safety.

The Beirut explosion has left the world in shock, and seeing videos like these lets you know just how scary it was for the people living there. It will be hard to return to “normal” mentally after something like this happening to you. Imagine this happening on the day you get married.

This video of the bride posing for wedding pictures as the Beirut explosion happened, is one of the saddest of 2020. It’s encompasses one of the best moments of someone life, with one of the worst moments of someone life. Hopefully the bride didn’t have any serious injuries.

Prayers up for all affected by the explosion in Beirut.

Author: JordanThrilla

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