FEDS just raided Jake Paul’s house. A viral video show FBI agents driving towards Jake Paul house before the raid happened. A series of black SUVs, armored cars, and police vehicles with Federal Agents are seen moving quickly towards Jake Paul’s residence.

It looked like the army was coming into the city to enforce a lockdown there was so many cars. Like the caption says, whatever FEDS are raiding Jake Paul’s house for, it’s something SUPER serious.

The last time FBI raided a YouTube stars home it was Omi in a hellcat, some reports said that was fake. However, this time there’s no doubt this 100% real. FBI raided Jake Paul’s house.

When the details come out on what the reason is, it’s sure to be something crazy. FEDS don’t bring out that many units unless it’s an top level situation.

Author: JordanThrilla