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Pregnant Side Chick Crashes Wedding Then Gets Beat Up by Bride’s Daughter

A pregnant side chick crashed a wedding then got beat up by the bride’s daughter in a viral video. As the preacher read the vows to the bride and groom, the pregnant side chick walks up the main aisle. All hell breaks lose when she starts saying the grooms name “Anthony” and reveals she’s pregnant.

That’s when the brides daughter started to beat up the pregnant side chick for crashing her mom’s funeral.


When the pregnant side chick started asking the man getting married why he was acting like he didn’t know her, you could feel the pain in her heart. When the brides daughter attacked the pregnant side chick the situation turned dangerous.

All in all, crashing someone’s wedding in this fashion is never a good idea, especially if you’re pregnant. She could of at least waited for the moment where people are allowed to voice whether or not they agree with marriage.

It’s safe to say the pregnant side chick crashing the wedding accomplished the task of ruining for the guy named Anthony. All this would of been avoided if the groom had stayed faithful to his woman.

Author: JordanThrilla

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