It’s been a tough few weeks for Donald Trump ever since losing the election, and things got hilariously worse when #WhiteHouseKaren started going viral. Hashtag #WhiteHouseKaren started to trend, because people literally turned Donald Trump into White House Karen with some incredible photoshopping. In that moment President Karen Trump was born.

Most of the #WhiteHouseKaren jokes took aim at Donald Trump’s constant complaining about the election results. White House Karen wanted to talk to the poll managers, twitter managers, basically any manager she could find about alleged election fraud.

Take a look at some hilarious #WhiteHouseKaren tweets.

President Karen Trump’s introduction to the Twitter world was definitely legendary. The entire world took a part in making her come to life. The first White House Karen ever is Donald Trump, at least he has that accomplishment under belt.

Most people are happy that Donald Trump is leaving the White House, but hilarious social media moments at his expense will be something everyone is going to miss. #WhiteHouseKaren might go down as the most legendary social media moment in 2020.

Author: JordanThrilla