Ever heard of a meth smoking cannibal? Police arrested a 16 year old babysitter high on meth who attempted eating a 3 year old child in one of the most horrific stories of 2020. According to reports the parents of the child came home from a date night to find the babysitter named Anna Krutchiev covered in red liquid sleeping on their living room floor.

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When the parents started looking for their three year old child they were horrified to find him in the microwave covered in barbecue sauce. Anna Krutchiev attempted to cook the child, but she allegedly claims she thought she was eating chicken wings.

The only thing that saved the child’s live was the fact that the babysitter couldn’t figure out how to fit his entire body inside the microwave. Police allegedly found bite marks all over the child’s body, but he is expected to survive.

According to police reports, Anna Krutchiev said she took a few hits of meth out of boredom, which caused her to have extreme hunger. With the meth altering her brain cells she thought a 3 year old child was chicken wing. This will probably be the last time that family ever hires a babysitter.

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There are two morals this story. The first is obviously don’t do drugs. The second is to do a thorough background check on a babysitter before trusting them to be alone with your small child. That 3 year old will probably have nightmares about this incident for the rest of his life, if he remembers it.

Author: JordanThrilla

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