Rapper Trina called George Floyd protesters “Animals” in a viral video. During a radio interview about George Floyd protests, Trina said “keep these animals off the street once curfew starts at 6 pm in Miami Dade”. Trina then added she isn’t afraid of cops when she gets pulled over because she has her “license and registration”.

People are now accusing Trina of not being aware of the purpose behind the George Floyd protests and Black Lives Matter movement.

Trina’s reasoning behind her sentiment was that her friend store was destroyed during a protest. She believes there is no excuse for that, even the lives of people that were lost due to police brutality since they can’t actually be brought back to life. Some people think Trina only is mentioning her friends store because she has a secret investment in it.

What ever the case may be, Trina calling George Floyd protesters “animals” has riled up a lot of people around the world.

Author: JordanThrilla

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