Meghan McCain was exposed for lying about her Manhattan neighborhood being destroyed by George Floyd protesters. The irony is that Meghan McCain was exposed by her own neighbors living in the same Manhattan neighborhood as her.

Originally Meghan McCain sent out a tweet saying her neighborhood was “eviscerated and looks like a war zone”, while calling out DeBlasio and Cuomo. That’s when her neighbors responded letting people there was nothing destroyed in their Manhattan neighborhood by protesters, and she was just lying for clout.

It’s really sad to see Meghan McCain making up a lie only to undermine the George Floyd protests for police brutality, and paint the people protesting in a bad light.

If Meghan McCain wasn’t exposed for lying about the destruction in her Manhattan neighborhood by neighbors who live in the same building, many people would’ve took her statement as fact using it as ammo against the core message of George Floyd Protests.

Author: JordanThrilla