HipHop is the most influential genre of music on the planet, and that remains true with the most recent HipHop craze across Africa. American Drill Music is taking over the African Continent by giving birth to African Drill Music.

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Many Drill rappers have emerged from the African continent that score millions of views on YouTube using the same formula as the most popular Drill artists from American Hiphop. It’s easy to see they were directly influenced by Drill music created here in America, down to the art direction of their videos.

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Take a look at some of the most popular African Drill rappers that are viral across the world.

From Senegal there is the African Drill rapper Dopeboy DMG.

From South Africa is the African Drill Rapper Dr. MaVibes.

From Kenya is the African Drill Rapper M1LLIONZ.

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From Ghana is the African Drill Rapper Yaw Tog.

It’s really amazing to see the far reach HipHop has in the world, that even people who live across the world find something in common through Drill music.

We have seen the UK sound influence American Drill music, and now we are seeing the American Drill Music influence the African sound. It’s like a revolving circle of ideas being shared through unified culture in HipHop, and African Drill Music is a manifestation of that.

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Author: JordanThrilla

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