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Russell Westbrook Battling Depression? Russell Westbrook’s Strange Demeanor in Post Game Interviews Sparks Depression Conspiracy Theories

Is Russell Westbrook battling depression? Russell Westbrook’s strange demeanor in post game interviews during Rockets vs Lakers series is sparking conspiracy theories about Westbrook’s mental health. Rockets fans are worried that Russell Westbrook is going through something off the court. Another conspiracy theory is that Lebron James has sent Russell Westbrook into depression by blocking his layups so many times, dunking on him, and disrespecting his jumpshot. Lebron has been heard saying “Hell no” when Russell Westbrook shoots the ball, and bricks every jumper.

During his career Russell Westbrook has never sounded so down whether his team was winning or losing. It may sound crazy, but take a look at how depressed Russell Westbrook seems during these recent postgame interviews. We included some reactions from worried Rockets fans who can sense Russell Westbrook is depressed possibly.

Whether or not you’re a fan of Russell Westbrook it’s sad to see him sounding like that. No energy in his voice, the look of complete sadness in his voice, and his body language just wreaks of sadness. It’s almost like Russell Westbrook became a different person once the Rockets vs Lakers series started.

If the Conspiracy Theory that Russell Westbrook is battling depression is true, hopefully he can overcome whatever is the root cause. Perhaps his sad demeanor is a sign he won’t be returning to the Rockets are this season.

Author: JordanThrilla

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