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Sada Baby a Fake Blood? People Clown Sada Baby For Joining Blood Gang at 22 Years of Age

Sada Baby joined Blood Gang at 22 years old according to his new DJ Vlad interview, and people are going in on him for it. On social media people are clowning Sada Baby for joining Bloods at age 22, after he already had money and was famous. In essence people are saying Sada Baby is a pretend Blood Gang member.

Sada Baby was probably thinking people would think he’s tough, but his Blood Gang revelation did the exact opposite. Take a look the reactions to Sada Baby joining Blood Gang at 22 years of age.


As you can see the reactions to a 22 year old Sada Baby joining Blood Gang are hilarious. One of the tweets mention David East, because there is evidence suggesting he started repping Crip after he got famous too.

For Sada Baby to join Blood Gang at 22 years old, it must of really been one of his dreams. It’s almost seems like a less publicized version of the Tekashi 6IX9INE without the snitching involved.

The question remains does this make a Sada Baby a fake Blood gang member? It all depends on how strictly you classify what that term means to you.

Author: JordanThrilla

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