It’s not often you see two Sixers teammates fight in the NBA, but it just happened on Live TV. Shake Milton fought Joel Embiid while going into the huddle for a timeout during Sixers vs Pacers.


Shake Milton tries to hit Joel Embiid, but the Sixers were able to hold him back. It looked like Joel Embiid was very scared during the whole ordeal.

It’s not clear what lead to the Shake Milton Joel Embiid altercation, but it seemed like Embiid knew he stepped out a line. Likely Joel Embiid was scolding Shake Milton for making a mistake, then slipped up and said something too disrespectful. We all know Embiid is a great trash talker.

Time will tell if Shake Milton fighting Joel Embiid ruins the Sixers team chemistry. Remember these guys are stuck in the Orlando Bubble, there’s really not time to “cool off” when you are fighting your own teammate.

Pray for the Sixers through this tough time.

Author: JordanThrilla