Happy Birthday Stephen A Smith. On October 14, 1967 the greatest ESPN anchor of all time with his infamous receding hairline was born. Twitter reacted to Stephen A Smith’s birthday by paying homage to his memorable moments on TV.

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Stephen A Smith is turning 53 years old, but he is just entering the prime of his ESPN career. These days you can hear him flexing about his massive contract often.

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Take a look at twitter reactions to Stephen A Smith’s 53 birthday.

It’s clear at 53 years old Stephen A Smith is a living legend. Stephen A Smith’s birthday is basically a holiday in the sports world now. His infamous catch phrase “Stay off the WEEEEDDDD!!!” rings bells world wide.

The incredible amount of people reacting to Stephen A Smith’s 53 birthday is not surprising. He is quite possibly the most famous ESPN anchor of all time. Stephen A Smith is turning 53 years old, but probably feels like he’s’ turning 23 after signing that massive NBA player like contract.

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Happy Birthday to Stephen A Smith, a seemingly young 53.

Author: JordanThrilla

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