Enes Kanter’s offseason is off to a very scary start, and it has nothing to do with basketball. Enes Kanter’s alien mini Tremors Pets are going viral. Enes Kanter revealed his Mini Tremors pet sliding around a bathtub just like the creatures seen the Tremors movie.

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Enes Kanter’s mini Tremors look like slugs, but are the size of a full grown cat. They appear to have some type of yellow appendage that can fit down drain pipes, which is probably the way they eat. Based on the fact Enes Kanter didn’t get near them, they probably attack anything that comes too close. Take a look.

It’s not clear where Enes Kanter found this alien tremors creature, or why he would even want it. However, it does seem they could possibly be used to “naturally” unclog a bathtub drain.

Whatever his reason was for getting those terrifying creatures lets hope the mini Tremors don’t injure Enes Kanter before the upcoming NBA season begins.

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Author: JordanThrilla

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