There was once a time when HipHop was all about true lyrical competition, a time when out rapping your opponent became an obsession for some. It appears even Jay Z and Biggie Smalls were enemies on the mic, but unbeknownst to each other. Clark Kent revealed Biggie Smalls dissed Jay Z on “Who Shot Ya” during a viral interview.

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HipHop fans past and present have heard the legendary track, but most people didn’t know Biggie Smalls dissed Jay Z. The second of verse of “Who Shot Ya” is Biggie Smalls taking shots at Jay Z.

As mentioned earlier, pay attention to the second verse of the song.

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Clark Kent explained how he told Biggie Smalls how nice Jay Z was on the mic one too many times. This led to Biggie Smalls resenting Jay Z competition wise, and trying to outrap him on “Who Shot Ya”.

Up until now most people thought that two of New York’s most legendary rappers coexisted peacefully back in the day. Little did people know that Biggie Smalls dissed Jay Z on “Who Shot Ya” in the second verse.

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Author: JordanThrilla

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