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Utah Hiker Fights Cougar Trying to Attack in Viral 6 Minute Video

What would you do if you’re on a trail and see a Cougar running at full speed towards? One Utah Hiker fights a Cougar trying to attack in a viral video. The Utah Hiker barked at the Cougar to trick it into thinking he was fierce. The Utah hiker was walking a peaceful trail, when things took a turn for worse as the cougar started to hunt him.

Not many people have the courage to square up with a wild Cougar. The Utah Hiker’s bravery ultimately saved his life, as he followed two of nature’s biggest rules of survival. Before we explain those rules take a look at the viral footage of the Utah Hiker vs Wild Cougar.

If you notice during the footage the Utah Hiker never turned his back on the Cougar. If he had turned his back the Cougar would of instantly pounced on him, they don’t play fair. Never turn your back on a wild animal trying to attack you.

Another key point was the Utah Hiker made sure to never stumble or flinch, and kept direct contact with the Cougar. This is why the Cougar acted like it was going to pounce, but would stop when it realized the Utah Hiker wasn’t showing no fear. Showing no fear actually makes a Cougar and most wild animals instinctively apprehensive about attacking.

The footage ends with Utah Hiker letting out one last bark, before the Cougar takes off running away. The Cougar could of easily murdered the Utah hiker, but he tricked it into believing it didn’t have control of the situation. Brains of brawn?

Author: JordanThrilla.

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