T.I. Defends the White Anchor Alex Housden who said black co anchor host looks like a "Gorilla" 👀

No you're not reading that wrong. T.I. was caught in Instagram comment defending the KOCO-TV’s morning anchor, Alex Housden who said black co host anchor Jason Hackett looks like Gorilla. Alex Housden issued a tearful apology that most people deemed as a fake "get out of jail free" card. T.I. feels differently as he stated in the comment "Well....accept her apology & believe she was being sincere...both times...Cuzz kinda favored that 🦍🤷‍♀️😂".

Now I'm not sure if T.I. account was hacked, or if he was letting someone use his account, but it was really shocking to see T.I.P. talking like that. He is definitely going to have some explaining to do, because his comment was actually as offensive as the original comment the anchor made.

Here is the Instagram post the T.I. Comment was found on:

Why T.I.P., just why? Is it time to cancel T.I. ?



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