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Talib Kweli Exposes Jaguar Wright: Talib Kweli Accuses Jaguar Wright of Sexual Harassment During 15 Minute Rant

The Talib Kweli responded to Jaguar Wright, and he got more personal than ever before. Talib Kweli exposed Jaguar Wright in a 15 minute rant. Talib Kweli accused Jaguar Wright of sexually harassing him by being hyper aggressive when trying to initiate intimate contact between them, which contradicts her claims against him.

Talib Kweli said he was first writing down his thoughts about Jaguar Wright, then decided he had so much to say it needed a video. He says he can no longer stand by and watch Jaguar Wright slander him and his family. Take a listen to Talib Kweli exposing Jaguar Wright.


Talib Kweli called people willing to dismiss The Roots over Jaguar Wright’s allegations “culture vultures”. After making that statement Talib Kweli responded to Jaguar Wright’s allegations against him.

His rant sounded sincere, but Jaguar Wright sounds sincere as well in her videos. Who is telling the truth? Could Jaguar Wright really be looking for clout? The world may never know.

Author: JordanThrilla

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