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TiaCorine Exposes Drake Stealing her Flow and Music From STYLIST on Popstar then Posts Video Evidence

TiaCorine exposed Drake stealing her flow and music, then posted video evidence. Allegedly, Drake stole TiaCorine’s flow from STYLIST and used it on Popstar. TiaCorine captioned the video exposing Drake stealing her flow with a message saying “You Tryna Quentin Miller Me”. The video and tweet then mysteriously vanished from Twitter, but here is the screenshot.

After that post got taken down, TiaCorine took more shots at Drake and posted his verse from Popstar with a caption “I don’t know drake that flow sound kind of familiar”. Now it’s time for you to judge for yourself take a listen to Drake’s verse on Popstar and then the TiaCorine STYLIST verse that Drake allegedly stole the flow from.

Pay attention the flow and cadence Drake is using during his verse on Popstar. Then listen closely to TiaCorine on her song STYLIST below.

Did Drake just get caught stealing TiaCorine flow? Or is she reaching with this one? So far the opinions are very divided, but there is definitely is some similarities between the two songs. It could just be a coincidence though.

The only question is now is will Pusha T say something about TiaCorine accusing Drake of stealing her flow?

Author: JordanThrilla

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