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Undrafted Lu Dort Exposes James Harden Fraudulent Offensive Skills with Great Defense in 2 Straight Games

Undrafted Lu Dort exposed James Harden’s fraudulent offensive skills for the 2nd straight game in a dominating Game 3 win for OKC vs Rockets. Lu Dort locked up James Harden holding him to 3-12 shooting from three. In game 2 Lu Dort clamped James Harden to 2-11 shooting from three.

Lu Dort’s defense on James Harden has been incredible, but that’s more so because James Harden is one of the most overrated offensive players ever. We detailed how fraudulent James Harden’s offensive is in our “Impostor Behind the Beard” article from last year.

Take a look at Lu Dort exposing James Harden’s limited offensive skillset against good defense.

When it all comes down to it, against great defense and without the referees calling fake fouls, James Harden is an inefficient chucker with almost no moves. His only real move is the inefficient stepback. Every three James Harden missed with Lu Dort guarding him was the inefficient stepback, because he has no other offensive moves besides trying to draw fake fouls.

After this series maybe people will finally stop calling James Harden the best offensive player ever. He got strapped up by a 21 year old undrafted player named Lu Dort.

Author: JordanThrilla

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