Young Buck shared a prison cell with Future’s son. In a viral video, Young Buck revealed how he shared a prison cell with Future’s 17 year old son Jakobi Wilburn. Young Buck explained how it made him feel weird that Future’s son was only 17 and already in a prison cell with him.

Future’s son was arrested back in February on gang related charges, Young Buck was arrested in December on fugitive of justice of charges. Young Buck sharing a prison cell with Future’s son seems a bit strange because of his recent exposure.

Hopefully Young Buck was able to share wise words with Future’s 17 year old son that will help him when he gets released from prison. This has to be embarrassing for Future to know his young son is already sharing prison cells with the 39 year old Young Buck. It’s no surprise he’s famous for saying “It’s an evil world we live in”.

Author: JordanThrilla

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