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33 Year Old Tech CEO Fahim Saleh Found Dead Chopped Up by Chainsaw in New York City Condo

33 year old Tech CEO Fahim Saleh was found dead chopped up by chainsaw in his New York City condo. Police reports state a man wearing all black was seen entering an elevator with Fahim Saleh, and is the main suspect.

Police believe the man wearing all black attacked 33 year old CEO as he exited the elevator, and carried out the chainsaw attack once they were both inside his NYC Condo. The elevators in that NYC building go directly into each respective condo. A short time later his sister found his torso in the living room, and the rest of his body parts in bags spread around his condo.

There are no details on the motive for the crime, but based on the story it seems like a preplanned attack. This leads some people believe it may have been money related or a romantic dispute.

RIP Fahim Saleh.

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