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Alex Caruso Chase Down Blocks James Harden Layup Attempt and Embarrasses Him During Game 5 Lakers vs Rockets

Alex Caruso exposed impostor James Harden by blocking his shot attempt during Game 5 Lakers vs Rockets. Alex Caruso blocked James Harden’s layup attempt and embarrassed him on an incredible fast break play. After a turnover, Alex Caruso galloped behind James Harden and swatted his layup into a oblivion. The block told the story of the whole game.

Take a look at Alex Caruso chase down blocking James Harden layup, just like Lebron James would.

Lakers dominated the entire Game 5 from start to finish, both on offense and defense. When Alex Caruso chase down blocked James Harden’s shot, it was another moment that showed Rockets weren’t a true contender this season.

After James Harden got embarrassed by Alex Caruso, his career will probably never be the same. Alex Caruso will probably be in James Harden’s nightmares. Remember Klay Thompson admitted he still has nightmares about Lebron blocking Andre Iguodala.

Rockets where missing one thing this season, that was Chris Paul. Ironically that’s the player the impostor James Harden wanted traded.

Author: JordanThrilla

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